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Spooky Movie Hell Dream

James Weeks II (a.k.a. “Hero To All”) And Jim Jesus talk about ruining the LP for a better tomorrow, comic books and comic book movies, The Great Meme War, Mimi Soltysik’s Stank Meme Cache, spooky ass lolberts, and some Stirner stuff and the best way to understand him even with crappy translations.

Mimi Soltysik’s Stank Meme Cache:
Room 4 Freedom
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Jim Jesus has no co-host this time because it’s episode 50. Every 25th episode Jim does a solo refutation of the libertarian grigri. This time he goes hard in the paint against the anti-GMO crowd and Monsanto haters. Regular show tomorrow with James Weeks!

Genetic Literacy Project

Miles Power:

His Videos on GMOs:

League of Nerds Podcast:

Why Does Everyone Hate Monsanto? With Vance Crowe from Monsanto! – TLoNs Podcast #062

Is Glyphosate “Probably Carcinogenic to Humans” ?

Libertarians for GMOs Facebook

Need Kratom? Get Kraken

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