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Cucknado Warning

Untitled-2 copyThe Lolbert Weather Service (newly minted Lolbert co-host and professional meme maker Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus) has issued a cucknado warning for your area. They talk about Bernie Sanders getting his own exclusive issue of Tiger Beat Magazine, Trump’s inevitable failure, their history of living in ghettos, Cantwell being a crypto-cuck, cucking with sumo wrestlers, the alt-right’s obsession with the word ‘cuck,’ and how the word ‘cuck’ is cucking them, Joseph was a cuck, cuck, cucking, and all sorts of cucking cuckatry. If you have money to spare, Steve Miller-Miller will sell you his vote in the Libertarian Party primaries, and if you have even more Jim will caucus for you in an early caucus state for anyone in the Republican primary except Trump.

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Poop Swastikas


Seamus Coughlin of Freedom Toons and Jim Jesus talk about the drama at Mizzou, #BlackLivesMatter but #StudyTimeDoesntMatter, flavors of feminism, and how it all leads to the Alt-Right. Cantwell’s turning to the dark side of the political force. Molyneux and Jeffrey Tucker argue about McDonalds vs. Carl’s Jr.. Apple is garbage and Raspberry Pi is not. #PleaseDonatePiZeros if not just use Jim’s bad ass new Patreon. We also find out Seamus hates Star Wars because it doesn’t spend 3 hours boring you with diplomatic negotiations with the alt-right of space (a.k.a. Klingons.)

Song: Adam Rainstopper – Nasty Little Trolls

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Nick Hazelton The Anarcho-Yakitalist and Jim Jesus talk about Trump wanting to bring back Operation: W******k (derogatory slur for Mexican immigrant.) We run through his stupid platform. Jim talks about how sweatshops are a good thing and it’s only blowing up because state regulations are a bad thing. Hopefully, Trump will fix the VA so Mellody Hemley can get PTSD (Post-Twitter Stress Disorder) therapy and know how long it will take before she gets it. Trump will do what every president promises but never does; make the tax code simpler. Jim hates 999 and the Fair Tax. Trump The Movie was good, go watch it! Mexico tells its citizen how to sneak into ‘Merica because walls don’t stop immigration.  Also, like #BoycottStarWars, maybe we we’re all being trolled by Trump.

Then Nick tells us a story he probably already told about his yak had him and his uncle #getrekd and how he was used as yak bait. People want Jim to get a brothel hooker do a Periscope about it but won’t unless someone wants to foot the bill. HASHTAGPLEASEDONATEFORHOOKERS.

Song: Marshall Boprey – Make America Trump Again


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Nick Hazelton

Jim Jesus
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