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To be honest, I don’t remember what Barron Von Storm haven and I (Jim Jesus) talked about but it was good. Don’t drink, kids.

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Beer is Good (The Drunken Episode)

What do you get when you add good beer, mediocre beer, Jim Jesus, and Baron Von Stormhaven then subtract the pseudo-comrex? This beautiful mess.

This podcast is good when it happens:

Jackin’ it in Baca Medow

Jim Jesus joins a whole slew of co-hosts and guests at the fifth annual Jackalope Freedom Festival Non-Event 2016 at Baca Meadow, AZ. Baron von Stormhaven, Kenny Palurintano, James Babb, Violet Babb, Donna Slopey, “JAY NOONE,” Adam Kokesh of, Ernie Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix, Robert Anderson, and Robert Kruger (who I didn’t formerly introduce, sorry) formerly of The Anarchist Experience. Did I forget anyone?

This is the flag I showed Adam if you were wondering why I didn’t mention an elephant in the room.

Anarcho-KOKESH (PRINT) copy

Next episode I go though the event an even this episode in typical Lolberts fashion.