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Low-Scoville Unit Scientism

David Lukeheart from Zombies Government and You Podcast and Jim Jesus talk about the Manchester bombing, pop stars that are tolerable,  Hot Ones, low-Scoville unit cucks, Bill Nye, scientism and high-modernism,  Brasilitis, The Book of Mormon musical, cashing Monero outside, if tasteless jokes can stop the war machine? Getting in on elementary school trends, spiking food at parties with weed, stand-up is turning into a political stage, Bernie couldn’t beat Trump, and Jim wants to eat a pepper so hot it can kill him.

Zombies Government and You Podcast:
Room 4 Freedom
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#EqualPayDay for The Lolberts; 0 Dollars. 😅👌💦

David Lukeheart from Zombies, Governments, and You Podcast and Jim Jesus talk about #plzdonate libertarians begging for money for their drug addiction, Jim Jesus’s GoFundMe for his drug addiction, Equal Pay Day and the nonsense surrounding it, Susan Rice getting tossed under the bus again (and I hope it hurts,) a list of funny Trump names, April Fools brings back Chicken McNugget Szechwan dipping sauce, stoicism, and Jim’s life-long mission to end complaining.

Did you know there’s a contest running to win this flag you’ve seen a million times all over the web? Listen for details! (Yes, that’s really me in that picture!)

Room 4 Freedom
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Interdimensional Portals via Colloidal Silver Enemas

David from Zombies Governments and You Podcast joins Jim Jesus as a guest co-host. They talk about how Trump is forcing the left to eat themselves from Antifa to pussy hats. They also talk about zombies and podcasts that are actually good. Also Alex Jones crossfading on Joe Rogan WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?

Though he did mention he would, Jim didn’t mention how Raspbian PIXEL made this show possible because beer. They did talk about it in depth on the Patreon only after show.