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Conspiritards Can Do Good, Bordertaryans Can’t

Jeremy Heimlichmaneuver from Seeds of Liberty and Jim Jesus talk about how JFK conspiracy theorists did a lot of good even though they’re totally wrong about everything. What happened to Bill Cooper and Jim easily refutes his version of JFK conspiracies. How that’s connected to Charlie Manson and fuck him for having people kill and then killing psychedelic rock. How a certain Seeds of Liberty co-host has been saying something empirically wrong; that Tool is best band (great band, just not best band.) Irrational fear porn turning smart people into “pragmatic” idiots. Also we cover 2 months of Amazon link purchases. You can get your buy talked about if you use our Amazon Affiliate link which is a WHOLLY ORIGINAL IDEA! Image from The Misfits – Bullet single.

The Lolberts 025 Hey Man, Nice Shot! Jim v. JFK conspiracies.
Sex and Science Hour
The Misfits – Bullet
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Krokodil Tears

Alt-Post-Right Jeremy Henggeler and Trans-Nazi-Kin Jim Jesus read off the contest entries for Steve Miller-Miller (Anarcho-Sumoclyst) to decide and announce next week. Then we get into the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, Cantwell didn’t cry he was snorting meth, people’s descent into Nazism, political LARPing, “libertarian fascist”…. just a lot of Nazi ass bullshit. We also talk about why the commies and Antifa aren’t much better and picking sides on fringe ideology LARPing is how they get their rise to power. We also do as much as an update on the Jeremy vs The State of NY as possible without compromising his case. For the full story check out this episode.

Seeds of Liberty Podcast
The Lolberts – The NYFD & NYPD Are Fucking Parasitic Deplorables
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What Elephant?

Jeremy Whatever and Jim Jesus talk about ♩♪♫Richard Spencer♫♩♪ denying the Holodomor genocide, how the “right” has never been about free-markets and when they are it’s a uniquely new world phenomenon, Jacque Fresco who started The Venus Project and inspired The Zeitgeist Movement dies but all he did was rephrase Marxism, good bad movies, music, vaccines, Trump is just the same shit as any other president, would Ron Paul been much better, cryptocurrencies, and something else but we couldn’t remember.

Seeds of Liberty Podcast:
Freedom Feens Podcast
Room 4 Freedom
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