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What Elephant?

Jeremy Whatever and Jim Jesus talk about ♩♪♫Richard Spencer♫♩♪ denying the Holodomor genocide, how the “right” has never been about free-markets and when they are it’s a uniquely new world phenomenon, Jacque Fresco who started The Venus Project and inspired The Zeitgeist Movement dies but all he did was rephrase Marxism, good bad movies, music, vaccines, Trump is just the same shit as any other president, would Ron Paul been much better, cryptocurrencies, and something else but we couldn’t remember.

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Libertarians Voting for Democrats

Jeremy Henggeler (Am I saying that right?) and Jim Jesus lacked sleep for this episode but we still talked about stuff. Ben Stone’s awesome project Freedom B&B, how libertarians got hoodwinked by electing a Democrat and voting still sucks, YouTube demonetization and the fallout, The Mandela Effect, and why you shouldn’t rest your income in just one platform.

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