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Bernie Bott’s Trump Flavoured Jelly Beans

Matt “t3hsauce” Pritchard and Jim Jesus put a nice little bow on the Star Wars talk on The Lolberts at least until another movie comes out. The human race is far too problematic for lefties, and (shocking development) Bernie Sanders is an economic illiterate and The Zodiac Killer, we catch up on the political freak show  that is the Republican Primaries, the Apple and FBI feud. Also, Austin Petersen is a douche and t3hsauce tells us how much he loves The Happening and Alongside Night Continue reading Bernie Bott’s Trump Flavoured Jelly Beans

Brownshirts are Fasc-On Victims


Matt Prichard (t3hsauce) and Jim Jesus look into the crazy that is the Libertarian Party and their senatorial candidates, Jeff Berwick‘s non-stop stream of crazy shit, how Brave The World isn’t “just a young girl,Molyneux and Cantwell’s descent into fascism like other ex-libertarians before them, Morrakiu‘s horrible yet hilarious parodies, Matt’s love for film, and how Ben Affleck aint’ so bad. Also, #pleasedonate

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