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It’s Not Our Revolution if We Can’t Exclude Extremists Utilizing Property Rights in Accordance with the Principles of Free Association So To Speak.

Song: Adam Rainstopper – It’s Not Our Revolution if We Can’t Dance

MK Lords and Jim Jesus talk about Nazis, Jeffrey Tucker, ethno-nationalism, racism, feminism, libertarian drama… you know; the usual.

Patreon Only extended version we talk more in-depth and Jim comes clean about how evil he is when it comes to dating.

Weeks Spin

MK Lords, Jim Babb, Jim Jesus, talk almost nonstop about James “Hero to all” Weeks II. Please, go buy yourself a man thong and wear it once every two weeks in his honor.

Oh, and listen to this after you’re done listening to this. It’s James “God King” Weeks II explaining himself.

Forgot to mention the new flag because James was too hero to all.

Anarcho_jamesweeks(print) copy