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Shroomin with Yaks

Nick Hazelton and Jim Jesus yak about “open borders,” Thaddeus Russell, The Lolbers and the (possible) influence it has on the libertarian tradition, the new direction The Lolberts is heading in, yaks (of course,) ideological Turing test, hallucinogens, how drug mysticism is trash, and shrooming rituals. Also DIE HARD IS NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE FFS!

Yakkin with Nick:
Thaddeus Russell:
Nick Hazelton on Unregistered Podcast:
Are you an Ideological Robot?
Ancap Barbershop Vs LOLberts – ABS024
Die Hard is not a Christmas Movie
Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons
NOT The Lolberts:
YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts.
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Lolberts Discord:

Marketing Stoic Yak Meat on Alexa

Opening video How To Start by Gary Vaynerchuk

Nick Hazelton the former Anarcho-Yakitalist and Jim Jesus talk about influencer and Alexa marketing, day trading attention,  yak farm update, worms (the bad kind,) Stoicism, and ethics.

School Sucks – The Philosophy of Stoicism (With Bill Buppert)
Stoic Mettle Podcast
Room 4 Freedom
Need Kratom? Get Kracken
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Yaks out for BipCoin-Bae

Nick Hazelton from the de-facto defunct Anarcho-Yakitalism podcast and Jim Jesus talk about yak farming, Pateron, Monero, podfading, yak jerky, NAPping, and voting.

Also Paul Gordon’s show Disassociation Nation with Nick and how THEY WERE WRONG!

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14332920_10207081184900026_6393483995100182443_nAlso I found a way to make YouTube versions faster so that’s a thing again. I will make you wait 24 hours for it though.