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The System

David Lukeheart from ZGY podcast and Jim Jesus talk about Darren Brown’s ‘The System.’ It’s a system that guarantees to predict a winner in horse racing every time with 100% accuracy. Why “The System” can be used to explain lots of seemingly accurate predictions and results of all kinds of things and how to do it yourself. We also talk about anti-gun nuts and how they’re helping gun enthusiasts. Gun people trolling gun control morons. Jim Jesus is making content every day on his Patreon including a My Little Pony review and an audiobook of The Unique and it’s Property by Max Stirner which the translation we’re using has had some controversy. You should check out The Union of Egoists podcast. Steve Miller-Miller has some dank aprons for sale.
Also there’s a “NOT The Lolberts” Episode for people who follow the Patreon feed or the YouTube channels and it’s free to listen.

Zombies, Government, and You Podcast
Darren Brown’s The System
Man Demonstrates How AR-15 Shoots 70,000 Rounds a Minute!
My Little Pony Review
Wolfi Landstreicher Responds to witch-hunt.
Union of Egoist Podcast
NOT The Lolberts:
YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts.
Steve Miller-Miller’s Twitter.
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What is Gay Face?

Steve Miller-Miller join Jim Jesus FINALLY announce a winner to the review contest. Where has Tony Stiles gone? NPR and Kokesh’s ex are spooked AF. Million Juggalo March. Molyneux‘s book not getting good reviews. Sports betting and the pseudo-ancap Vegas Golden Knights and a very short ASK A SUMOSEXUAL! 

Sign this very important petition to get Bryan Sovryn to review The Emoji Movie.
Macy’s Spooked AF video:
Molyneux Book Reviews:
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Krokodil Tears

Alt-Post-Right Jeremy Henggeler and Trans-Nazi-Kin Jim Jesus read off the contest entries for Steve Miller-Miller (Anarcho-Sumoclyst) to decide and announce next week. Then we get into the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, Cantwell didn’t cry he was snorting meth, people’s descent into Nazism, political LARPing, “libertarian fascist”…. just a lot of Nazi ass bullshit. We also talk about why the commies and Antifa aren’t much better and picking sides on fringe ideology LARPing is how they get their rise to power. We also do as much as an update on the Jeremy vs The State of NY as possible without compromising his case. For the full story check out this episode.

Seeds of Liberty Podcast
The Lolberts – The NYFD & NYPD Are Fucking Parasitic Deplorables
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