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What is Gay Face?

Steve Miller-Miller join Jim Jesus FINALLY announce a winner to the review contest. Where has Tony Stiles gone? NPR and Kokesh’s ex are spooked AF. Million Juggalo March. Molyneux‘s book not getting good reviews. Sports betting and the pseudo-ancap Vegas Golden Knights and a very short ASK A SUMOSEXUAL! 

Sign this very important petition to get Bryan Sovryn to review The Emoji Movie.
Macy’s Spooked AF video:
Molyneux Book Reviews:
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Dear Angry People

Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus talk on way too many subjects to list here. From Dear White People, to Amish Raspberry Pis, to YouTube stardom, Truther Elvis and Truther Dolly Parton, to having a hard time remembering all the terrible things people in liberty do.

Still working out the bug in recording via Raspi. Going back to Discord next episode. Sorry for the clicks.

Parking Lots and Fake Charities: The Road to Freedom

Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus talk about alleged scammers in liberty, the atrocity the was Air America, how hockey is clearly better than basketball, Chris Cantwell’s decent into meth, and how Jim is hurting because of Poe’s Law. Perhaps there’s some talk about The Aspies nominees?

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Jim was also on Seeds of Liberty.