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Bips Out For Harambe

Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus talk about the future of BipCoin gambling, chain pizza places that take that EBT, sports betting, Jim’s masochist stance on puns, and much more I can’t remember right now. Please donate BipCoin to fix Miller-Miller’s chair

No full YouTube versions from here on out. It’s cutting into my BipCoin mining.



Buffering Hard on Kenny-G

Steve Miller² and Jim Jesus talk about agonist market prices for kids to help fund Walmart roads, shitty audio, go though some good podcasts, Steve Venus, best of the worst films, how Freddy got Fingered and Bio-Dome need Blu-Ray releases, what’s the deal with the other lolbert co-hosts, the Libertarian Party Debates. #sumolivesmatter


Protect yourself from the state with a BipStrong

Conservatives United for Cruz and Kasich

Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus talk a little about sportsball betting, Trump believing Ted Cruz’s dad hung out with Lee Harvey Oswald, and some other alt-righters finally figure out Trump is a bad choice, a white nationalist society will just devolve into a multicultural socialist country just like Europe, Tony Styles is a phony, Watch this horrible music video, then this fight video, and then buy these books.

We’ll be announcing 3 new Lolberts co-hosts next episode.

Anarcho_hiz(print) copy

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