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Not an Argument

Matt “t3hsauce” Pritchard stops fighting crime in Hell’s Kitchen and recaps all of the libertarian drama with Jim Jesus after Jim had a few. Matt lost the vote but the super-delegates chose him because he’s part of The Lolberts Establishment. What should you expect at Jackfest besides more Lolberts episodes? Is Clinton worse than Trump? Molyneux is the political Bane? God bless Alex Merced from but Jesus Christ did he used to annoy me with too much content. The state of the Libertarian Party and why lolberts should reclaim it. We didn’t use FeenPhone because we had issues with it this time around. We used Discord instead and it worked great! Tutorial on that coming soon. Also, Jim has to put money in the swear jar. SHITFUCK!

Shit I forgot to mention because there’s so much stuff:
The Bogosity Podcast sucks and we now have “Bad Audio is a Hate Crime” stickers. 
German ancapper who makes Molyneux mashups.

This will probably be the last episode where you can listen (in entirety) on YouTube because of the time and effort required to produce video versions. Next month it will only be the first 15 mins and a link to the rest. Also no flag this month because reasons.


Vote Hard

Baron von Stormhaven and Jim Jesus talk about Vegas libertarian stuff, how Jim will run for Las Vegas shitty council, trying (and failing) to see Sempai, and how a dumb illegal immigrant tried to assassinate him. Seriously though, stop trying to assassinate people.  Now buy our shit and Baron’s shit.

2012_6 copy


Seamus Coughlin of Freedom Toons and Jim “White Male” Jesus catch up on the RSS Boaty McBoatface the science ship, Jim gets rekt in a debate about emojis oppressing women, LRN studio raids and PorcFest boycotts, taxation is theft but ‘taxation is theft’ memes are shwag memes, and the miracle that is the BipStrong (WTF IS IT?!) Also… um.. other stuff. Sorry, Jim’s doped up on narcos because dentist. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE

12″ glow-in-the-dark BipCot slipmats available 3/25/2016

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