Parking Lots and Fake Charities: The Road to Freedom

Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus talk about alleged scammers in liberty, the atrocity the was Air America, how hockey is clearly better than basketball, Chris Cantwell’s decent into meth, and how Jim is hurting because of Poe’s Law. Perhaps there’s some talk about The Aspies nominees?

Check out BipCoin’s new project to stop DNS censorship.

Jim was also on Seeds of Liberty. 

Announcement: Aspire to Liberty Awards (The Aspies)

The Loberts Podcast (found at is announcing their Inaugural 2017 Aspire to Liberty Awards for the worst in libertarian media. A.K.A. The Aspies.

The awards will be selected upon by the League of Lolbert Podcasters and will give awards to the worst people and projects in the Liberty Mission

Some of the categories include but aren’t limited to:
Worst Libertarian
Worst Libertarianess
Worst Supporting Libertarian
Worst Supporting Libertarianess
Lifetime Failure Award
Worst Libertarian Activism
Best Sex Scandal
Most Punchable Face
Best Alleged Libertarian Scam
Worst Libertarian Podcast
Worst Libertarian Film/Video
Worst Libertarian YouTuber/Vlogger
Worst Article About Libertarianism
Worst Libertarian Video Series
Worst Libertarian Audio Quality
Worst Libertarian Video Production
Most Embarrassing Libertarian Moment
Worst Libertarian Song Parody
Most Disappointing Podfade

For all media inquiries please contact including requests to participate in the awards ceremony, contact Jim Jesus via email or use the contact link at