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Beer is Good (The Drunken Episode)

What do you get when you add good beer, mediocre beer, Jim Jesus, and Baron Von Stormhaven then subtract the pseudo-comrex? This beautiful mess.

This podcast is good when it happens: http://zombiegovpodcast.com/

Yaks out for BipCoin-Bae

Nick Hazelton from the de-facto defunct Anarcho-Yakitalism podcast and Jim Jesus talk about yak farming, Pateron, Monero, podfading, yak jerky, NAPping, and voting.

Also Paul Gordon’s show Disassociation Nation with Nick and how THEY WERE WRONG!

You can hear more Lolberts if you’re a Jim Jesus Patreon!
14332920_10207081184900026_6393483995100182443_nAlso I found a way to make YouTube versions faster so that’s a thing again. I will make you wait 24 hours for it though.