We’ll try to release a new voluntarist flag every month and try to get BLACKBLOCK.com to keep up. You can order some of these flags and all of the Lolbert’s co-hosts flags from BLACKBLOK.com in the Lolberts section. If they aren’t in there you can download the full resolution picture from here and have them make you a custom flag. Make sure that you have the 3000×2000 pixel version or your flag will come out shitty.

Anarcho_jamesweeks(print) copy
Anarcho_hiz(print) copy
Anarcho_chom(print) copyAnarcho-rothbard (PRINT) 1
Anarcho_finn(print) copy Anarcho_BB82(print) copyAnarcho-ZOMBIE (PRINT) copyAnarchocantwell2(PRINT) copy
Anarcho_tucker2(print) copy Anarcho_tucker1(print) copyAnarcho_Bobby (PRINT) copy

I’ve seen a similar Gadsden but it had some big problems. It was poor image quality, it was low resolution, and it included punctuation which Gadsden flags aren’t supposed to have. I’ve not only corrected those problems but made it an anarcho-Gadsden. Here’s the real version of it.
ancaplas vegasdark
I love this place but the flag was a lot to be desired. I spruced it up a bit but I still really hate flags with seals. Regardless, I think the new color scheme is great even
with the silver band representing “The Silver State.” Link to what the city flag actually looks like.


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