Jim Jesus

Anarcho-contrarian and unpaid troll. When he isn’t puffing a hookah with delicious tobaccos(quitter) he’s at work at his real job. You think he wants to be a professional lolbert? Bitch, please. He likes having a real life.  By real life he means sitting alone playing video poker for free beer, like his man-boobs aren’t big enough. Jim likes Monsanto and hates New York City.

Seamus Coughlan

A scrawny, stoner-lookin’ know-it-all. Seamus wastes most of his time making ‘libertarian’ propaganda cartoons, which he generally writes with a crypto-cuckservative slant in order to spread his homophobic, anti-intellectual and anti-semetic conspiracy theories while still coming off as “hip” and “trendy” by using the Libertarian label. Seamus is the worst kind of Christian (a Catholic) but doesn’t believe in using government to promote his religious beliefs, preferring to force them down your throat using the free-market instead. Seamus is a “lower case l” libertarian, and is a registered member of the Woman’s Anti-Suffrage Party of The Midwest.

Matt Prichard

Some lolbert trapped in the hell-hole known as New York. They don’t have a place there called ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ for nothing. Matt has an active social life because he sits around a table with other neck beards pretending he’s a magic wizard troll with +19 m’lady charm. Sometimes he meets the bright light of day when he goes and makes crappy horror films or participating in Capitalistmas where you buy yourself gifts. Yea, that’s a thing. Asshole.

Nick Hazelton 

He’s a 18-year-old yak farmer that knows more about philosophy than you do. He contagiously fights against the USDA which he thinks prevents him from selling unregulated yak meat but didn’t get the memo they don’t care about yaks because no one eats it. I wonder what his philosophical reasons for collecting yak dreads are.

Steve Miller-Milleranarcho-miller-miller copy(print)

In north  Philadelphia, born and raised, on the dohyō is where he spends most of his days. Looking for sexy sumos and making dank memes in the ghetto. He asks for his donations to be paid in Masonic bolo ties.


James Weeks

lolidk some commie in a thong

Jeremy Hizenberg(sp?)

A knife-wealiding psycho who hates heroic firefighters who now travels the country in a van solving mysteries.

Former/Temorary Lolberts:

MK Lords
James Babb (on hiatus)
Baron von Stormhaven
Lisa DeLasho
David Lukeheart (on hiatus)
Ben “The Bad Quaker” Stone (retired from all media)

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