BipCot Wristbands


The BipCot NoGov License is a media license that allows use and reuse by anyone except state agents. Violation of the licence by state agents may be shamed in public, by name, on the Internet, on radio, and in any media now extant or invented in the future, throughout the known universe and elsewhere, in perpetuity. This licence has (until now) only been applied to media, physical goods, and services; but why not humans? Now it’s possible without having to commit to a tattoo or hassle of wearing the same stinky shirt every day!

With The Lolberts Branded BipCot NoGov Human License,  state governments and their agents will no longer be allowed to detain, harass, or interact with you you for victimless crimes shame-free any longer.  While the state may violate this license, they do not have the ability to stop you shaming publicly by name in perpetuity. That and it’s a neat conversation piece.  Its warning on its side that reads “THIS  PERSON IS COVERED BY A BIPCOT NO-GOVERNMENT LICENCE” is embossed in large friendly yellow print on the side in the Queen’s English so it’s applicable in all English speaking countries.

These bracelets do not have any magic or supernatural abilities. If you think they do, you missed the joke.

$4.99 each  $3.99! HOLIDAY SALE
$2.00 S&H per order US (as many as you want)
International Shipping $13.00
One size fists most neckbeards (8.2 inches or 21 cm circumference)
If you have really tiny wrists and hands, it will be big for you but it shouldn’t be able to shake it off unless you’re MK Lords.



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Use our contact page for info on how to order with Monero and one of our fine sales reps will get back to you after his hangover kicks in. If he doesn’t have a hangover he will give you discount if you ask nice.

This bitcoin link is for an order of a single bracelet. If you want more and don’t want to pay 2 dollars shipping each for more, contact me with your mailing address and how many you want and we’ll go from there. For some reason BitPay wants to charge shipping per-bracelet not per-order and I can’t change it.


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