12″ Glow-in-the-Dark BipCot Slipmats


Yes, these slipmats glow blue in the dark. Just soak them in the sun or a strong light for 15 minutes and they glow for hours or half the length of a typical Dream Theatre song.  They shine great under a blacklight.

DJs: These have a glaze on the underside that eliminates the need for plastics or wax paper. Be advised; there’s a bit of a break-in period before they really start working well if you are the scratching type.



Just one slipmat:

A pair of slipmats:

$12.99 each. $8.99! HOLIDAY SALE! 
$4 domestic shipping (US)
When you order 2 or more you’ll get a free BipStrong bracelet.
There’s only 20 of these that will ever be made. When they’re gone; they’re gone for good.


Use our contact page for info on how to order with Monero and one of our fine sales reps will get back to you after his hangover kicks in. If he doesn’t have a hangover he will give you discount if you ask nice.

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