Interdimensional Portals via Colloidal Silver Enemas

David from Zombies Governments and You Podcast joins Jim Jesus as a guest co-host. They talk about how Trump is forcing the left to eat themselves from Antifa to pussy hats. They also talk about zombies and podcasts that are actually good. Also Alex Jones crossfading on Joe Rogan WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?

Though he did mention he would, Jim didn’t mention how Raspbian PIXEL made this show possible because beer. They did talk about it in depth on the Patreon only after show.

Beer is Good (The Drunken Episode)

What do you get when you add good beer, mediocre beer, Jim Jesus, and Baron Von Stormhaven then subtract the pseudo-comrex? This beautiful mess.

This podcast is good when it happens:

Parking Lots and Fake Charities: The Road to Freedom

Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus talk about alleged scammers in liberty, the atrocity the was Air America, how hockey is clearly better than basketball, Chris Cantwell’s decent into meth, and how Jim is hurting because of Poe’s Law. Perhaps there’s some talk about The Aspies nominees?

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Jim was also on Seeds of Liberty. 

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