What’s a “lolbert”?


A lolbert is a derogatory and bigoted word used to demean and belittle market libertarians. We’re taking it back. Be careful though. Only a lolbert can call another lolbert “lolbert.”

This is the first and only libertarian podcast that isn’t afraid to rock the boat. Sure we’ll make fun of commies and normies like the rest of them, but we’ll make fun of our own camp too. You might actually have fun and learn something along the way. OK, I lied. We both know you’re going to be a ninny shithead and deny yourself the treasure of finding out you might have been wrong about something.

Do we cuss? Well, we try not to and we often fail because we really don’t care. We just don’t want it to be that podcast where every other word is a 4 letter word. It gets annoying.

We won’t take any calls, but if we rustled your jimmies and want to call and debate us then you’ll get skipped to the front of the rejection line. Let’s face it; your audio is going to be horrible and so will you. But if you do have good audio equipment and you’re not too stupid to figure out FeenPhone then you can use the contact tab to your left.

The Lolberts show doesn’t take donations but the hosts do if you want to. We’re not professional lolberts or trying to make a living. But if you want to buy the crew a beer (or in Nick’s case, a root beer) then you can if you want.  They will have their Buttcoin addresses and/or PayYou’reNotMyPal,Friend info in the show notes or on the donate page.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Listening to your Clarissa explains butt plugs, omg too funny and I live in Vegas so when you say don’t go on any street named Nellis, I’m nodding my head in agreement! 🙂

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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Having a laugh while the world burns.