Satanism: Making People my Human Ottoman to Feed my Ego

James Weeks II of Podcast Titles Are a Spook and Jim Jesus (who’s a bit quiet for the beginning of this podcasts but corrects later) talk about all sorts of things. Including but not limited to how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is ruining Jim’s life, Star Wars The Last Jedi and other Disney movies, Logan Paul filming suicide corpses, Jim’s conversion to Satanism, The Unique and It’s Property and how the bogus Kevin Slaughter controversy made our copies worth over $3,000, The Top Libertarians of 2017 list of cancer, a possible Cryptocurrency Deadpool for 2019 (call me,) Conservatism isn’t punk rock or edgy, and how people pumping their own gas in Oregon will lead to hell on earth! Hail Satan! Lou Feen will be running the seventh circle of it (aka The Meme Department)

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Logan Paul in Suicide Forrest
List of Cancer
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