Intergender Debate Championship Bout!

MK Lords of Iconosass dukes it out with Jim Jesus on the last Lolberts episode to be covered by a BipCot No-Gov Licence before having a pleasant exchange on her podcast in a yet to be released episode.  Topics include her most recent article on Medium “It’s Fine if #MeToo is Also About Bad Sex” which Jim nearly disagree with all of it, OpenBazaar taking Bitcoin Cash and ZCash,

SPOILER: Jim wins!

Jim Wins:
Jim Wins:

BipCot NoGov license

It’s Fine if #JimWins is Also About Jim Winning 3 Times
OpenBazaar is also taking JimWinsCoin
Jim Win’s Egg McMuffin Day 2018
Steve Miller-Miller’s “Jim Wins” Aprons
NOT The Lolberts where Jim wins again
YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts where Jim wins again
Need Kratom? Jim Wins!
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Lolberts Shirt Store With “Jim Wins” shirt
Jim Jesus Winning Discord:

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