The Illumin-nutty: Freemasons, Denver Airport, The Illuminati, and What it All Means

Normally every 25th episode Jim Jesus does a solo episode where he attacks a common conspiracy or bit of woo prevalent in the liberty sphere, but not this time. For the 75th installment of The Lolberts (not counting the Not Lolberts episode)  He is joined by Larry Bernard a 30-something-I-forget-and-so-did-he Freemason and Baneposter talk about the wide wide world of Freemason conspiracies. What is Freemasonry? Is it the Illuminati? What do they do? Did they do the Holocaust and are they planning another at the Denver Airport? We go though all of it. Also new bumper music by EVA

This is also the fist non-BipCot episode of The Lolberts. We are now covered by a Creative Commons Zero “No Rights Reserved” (but all mights reserved) license. The Lolberts themselves are all still personally covered by a BipCot No-Gov License and you can to buy buying our snake oil BipStrong wristbands.

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