Neon Meate Spooks of a OctaBuddha

The fast and bulbous James Weeks II of Podcast Titles are a Spook Podcast and bulbous also tapered Jim Jesus go hard in the paint about AtomicAncap’s video “refutation” of the Egoist “ideology” and offer him some friendly advice. We also cover #PictureGate and why it’s stupid. How the LP are just a bunch of spooky nerds. How the LP presidential candidates are trash and Jim Jesus will be running for president for the LP ticket with a very different campaign. #plzdonate We also talk about the glory that is the @lolberts_ebooks twitter account and how much fun we had on Cantwell’s Scrambled Eggs Day!

AtomicAncap’s “The Issue With Egoism”
The Unique and its Property:
Week’s PictureGate video
Podcast Titles Are A Spook!
Cantwell’s Egg McMuffin Day 2018
Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons
NOT The Lolberts:
YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts.
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Lolberts Shirt Store!
Lolberts Discord:
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Music: EVA – Rear View

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