YouTube Are Not Seas?

Nick “I haven’t podfaded yet” Hazelton and Jim “We haven’t podfaded yet” Jesus catch up on some farm updates, talk about how the “Let’s punch not seas” thing has gone too far and is now resulting in dead cancer kids, the future of social media, we read some superchats from some tech giants, catch up on all of your Amazon buys, and talk about snus.

This episode is dedicated to Kitty J. Whopolis Jr. III, The Butt-faced Bandit (1998-2018.) I miss you, booger.

Yakkin’ With Nick
General Snus Locator
New YouTube Channel:
Recording N’ Progress:

The Occult Technology of Power: The Initiation of the Son of a Finance Capitalist into the Arcane Secrets of Economic and Political Power
BipCot No-Gov Wristbands.
NOT The Lolberts:
YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts.
Need Kratom? Get Kraken
Need anything else? Buy Amazon
Lolberts Shirt Store!
Lolberts Discord:
Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons
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Music: EVA – Rear View

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