MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Even Artie Lange Thinks You’re A Mess

Sumosexual and Standup Comic Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus announce some pretty big changes to The Lolberts going forward. Also Jim is abandoning Patreon even though he loathes Sargon of Akkad. We praise government shutdown and pee on the state’s eternal flames. We talk about hack comics like Joe Matrice, Amy Schumer, and Owen Benjamin and how they’re out of their minds. The former so bad even Artie Lange thinks is a mess. Also sports betting tips and a possible Truther Elvis and Truther Dolly Parton video in the future?

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3 thoughts on “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Even Artie Lange Thinks You’re A Mess”

  1. Yes, it would be much appreciated if you attacked the argument instead of the person (nonwithstanding those moments when the person is an instructive example of the argument).
    It does get rather tiresome when you beat dead horses, even if I were to accept that they were both true and bad things.

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with a lot of the things people say that I bash. There’s just a lot of frauds, scammers, liars, and egomaniacs in various circles. Just libertarians are the worst about calling themselves out.

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