It’s Snowing in Las Vegas; Let’s Get Some Subway

Jeremy Helenkeller of … something and Jim Jesus talk about loss of a loved fur baby, Vegas snow day, Jussie Smollett, Molyboob sperging out about UPB rebuttals, Propertarianism being allegedly a cult, Michael Malice is the best on Twatter, growing super hot peppers and eating spicy stuff, Hot Ones (watch Gary V’s and Chili Klaus’ episodes.)

Watch Parkland FFS!
Jim Responding to Stef’s UPB Video
James Weeks’ Podcast Titles Are A Spook Podcast
(Jeremy referenced one of his episodes but I don’t know what one. Just listen to all of them, they’re good)
A Warning about Propertarianism
Michael Malice on Twitter
Gary Vanerchuck’s Appearance on Hot Ones
Chili Klaus’ Apperence on Hot Ones
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