The Pirates of the Public Library

David Lukeheart’s triumphant return to The Lolberts to talk to Jim Jesus about voting, social media and possible new regulations, anarcho-monarchism, our favorite public libraries (the ones where the librarians have peg legs and parrots on their shoulder,) geting paid for dealing with crazy people and not doing it for free anymore, sportspuck, FreedomFest 2019, the time Jim got his cane almost cussed on nationally syndicated talk radio, writing novels, and aphantasia.

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2 thoughts on “The Pirates of the Public Library”

  1. When you mention the bbs, did you meant bbs as in old school bbs boards that you could only access through telnet, or did you meant internet forums? I miss the internet forums, it would be nice if they made a comeback. I remember the old Totse forum, it was badass.!!

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