Cucknado Warning

Untitled-2 copyThe Lolbert Weather Service (newly minted Lolbert co-host and professional meme maker Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus) has issued a cucknado warning for your area. They talk about Bernie Sanders getting his own exclusive issue of Tiger Beat Magazine, Trump’s inevitable failure, their history of living in ghettos, Cantwell being a crypto-cuck, cucking with sumo wrestlers, the alt-right’s obsession with the word ‘cuck,’ and how the word ‘cuck’ is cucking them, Joseph was a cuck, cuck, cucking, and all sorts of cucking cuckatry. If you have money to spare, Steve Miller-Miller will sell you his vote in the Libertarian Party primaries, and if you have even more Jim will caucus for you in an early caucus state for anyone in the Republican primary except Trump.

Be on the lookout because a new contest will be announced soon. This could be your chance to win a Flaggotry Flag of your choosing.


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