The H8ful BB-8

Anarchocantwell copy

On the Lolberts’ 8th episode, guest co-host MK Lords joins Jim Jesus to argue about movies but agree on the alt-right being the same as SJWs. Crypto-cuck Steve Miller-Miller sneaks out a secret transmission from Frostwitz in the midst of the eastern United States Snowlocaust (Snowah for those who speak Yiddish). We channel out inner Harry Plinketts why M.K. Lords is wrong about Tarantino’s Masterpiece; The Hateful Eight, touch up on the alt-right’s reaction to Star Wars: The Force Awakens was good, why Molyneux, Cantwell, and Aurini are stupid neo-SJWs. Also why the fuck does Jim hate Birdman?! Of course we walk about Alongside Night being a shitty movie. Of course! anarcho-miller-miller copy(print)

The flaggotry contest has been pushed back as we work on the details. Should be announced on the next episode.



2 thoughts on “The H8ful BB-8”

  1. I hate your taste in film. Not even the what so much as how enthusiastic you are for this Hollywood garbage. Shitty TV shows from the fifties are better than Tarantino movies. Every time you start giving your opinions on film I skip it. It’s like the shitty segments of the Savage Hippie podcast where they start talking about gay punk bands I don’t ever want to hear.

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