The GWAR of Ska

David Lukehart from the Zombies, Governments, and You Podcast talks about the great (but slightly dated) documentary Beer Wars and how the government in collusion with big beer is throwing hurdles at small craft brewers who actually make beer that tastes good.  How that same system is ruining marijuana in Las Vegas just in time for FreedomFest.  The new Netflix Castlevania show and how it can be slightly improved. he real reason why Jim hates My Little Pony and Bronies; they killed an awesome Thundercats reboot you really need to see. Does Jim really hate the Matrix (SPOILER: Yes but it’s not that bad.) Then they talk about music for a bit and talk about how The Aquabats are the GWAR of ska (now they’re the GWAR of Devo style music)

ZGY Podcast:
Beer Wars:
Las Vegas Marijuana Emergency:
Netflix Castlevania: 
Thundercats (2011):
GWAR Vs. The Aquabats:
Room 4 Freedom
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