Non-Aggress The Cook

Steve Miller-Miller joins Jim Jesus and make fun of everything per usual. Steve goes on School Sucks gets Facebook jailed for trying to sell his awesome aprons. Jim can’t use his Louis CK looks to pick up girls anymore because of the Hollywood Bloodbath. A time traveler was late to a gig Steve opened for. No one cared about the Ohio bicentennial at the elementary school. OpenBazaar 2.0 is better but more confusing. Truther Elvis and Truther Dolly Parton is coming to Philly. Also listen to this album if you like country or Les Claypool because Primus Sucks!

MAVFeen Posing with Steve’s sexy apron.

Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons. Ask him on Twitter:
Steve on School Sucks:
Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang – Four Foot Shack
Jim talking about Primus for an hour:
NOT The Lolberts:
YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts.
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