Marvel Fatigue

Baron von Stormhaven and Jim Jesus talk Thor Ragnarock and the Marvel movies and comics over some beer (an energy drink for Jim because he can’t drink tonight even though he was the one who did a party foul.) Also touch on a little libertarian stuff.

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3 thoughts on “Marvel Fatigue”

  1. Your taste in movies is as shitty as your taste in music. The best part about this movie was Goldblum and the Ragnarok plotline. The humor was telegraphed, not funny, and repetitive – just like this entire film. The second Thor is easily the best, and the most like the comics.
    The Joker Batman movie is the worst of the series, Joker is a Mary Sue and that Dent shit was so bad. The third Nolan Batman is far superior. I hate your opinions on media so much I am going to write off anything you endorse. Actually, I’m just going to stop listening to this show, you’re so bad at being funny.

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