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The Beta-Cuck Woman Hater’s Club

He-Man Woman Hater Seamus Coughlan and Virtue-Signaling Beta Cuck Jim Jesus talk about hating women, and punching them in the face, how unhinged Molyneux has become, and how Milo’s descent into obscurity is a win for free speech. Not to mention saying the stuff that needs to be said about Beauty and the Beast and ancient aliens. Also Not Gay Jared takes on Crossfit Girl


What Pisses Me Off About Stefan Molyneux

Seamus Couglin of FreedomToons and Jim Jesus rip apart Molyneux’s new video “Why I Was Wrong About Libertarians” We also talk about Thomas Sowell’s book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” and SNL’s amazing sketch “Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks.”


The Lolbergs – Oi Oi Oy, Vey!

Shalom, goyem! (((Sol Seamus))) and (((Jim Jabez))) lay it down after Passover about how we were outted at crypto-jews, the LP in the election now that our goy-boy-toy Trump got the nomination, Trigglypuff, the best flavor of matzo, white goy privliage, wage gap, and how you should go into debt at art school. *rubs hands*

We have 3 new Lolberts co-hosts:
MK Lords
Jim Babb
Brandon von Stormhaven

Expect more frequent Lolberts episodes.

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