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Weaponized Autism Against the NAP

Jeremy Hizensomething and Jim Jesus talk about watching movies and the inherent elitism therein, podcast infighting, weaponized autism, Block eating crow about Trump, and all sorts of other spooky things.

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Room 4 Freedom
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When Fascism Comes to America, It Will Come in 18 Packs and Say “America” on the Can

James Babb and Jim Jesus talk about the fascist infiltration of libertarian events and libertarians giving up their principles by drinking Budweiser; but I repeat myself. Talk a little bit about the alt-right and how Victor Pross (anarchist artist) is allegedly a fraud. Allegedly.

The Beta-Cuck Woman Hater’s Club

He-Man Woman Hater Seamus Coughlan and Virtue-Signaling Beta Cuck Jim Jesus talk about hating women, and punching them in the face, how unhinged Molyneux has become, and how Milo’s descent into obscurity is a win for free speech. Not to mention saying the stuff¬†that needs to be said about Beauty and the Beast and ancient aliens.¬†Also Not Gay Jared takes on Crossfit Girl