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The Last Net Taxpayer

Jeremy Vonuburger of the Seeds of Liberty and Abolitionist Abstractions Podcasts talks to Jim Jesus how he’s leading the peak Lolbert Lifestyle living in his car. We also ask the question no Hoppiean will ask “Is there such a thing as a ‘net taxpayer‘?” (SPOILER: No) and we talk about Action Park and how Action Point (2018)  was Jim’s The Last Jedi.

Seeds of Liberty (and all of Jeremy’s other podcasts)
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Jim Jesus on the Feens talking about Action Park
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BipCot No-Gov Wristbands.
Cantwell’s Egg McMuffin Day 2018
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Topless Rasta Car Wash: KNOW THE FAX!

Jeremy H-Bomb of The Freedom Feens and Seeds of Liberty joins Jim Jesus to talk about his legal situation and his plans to GTFO of New Yorkistan. We read THE BEST NEWS ARTICLE OF 2017, and rant about movies too. Don’t watch The Matrix, go see John Wick instead.

Seeds of Liberty Podcast:
Jim’s appearance on The Ancap Barbershop
Topless carwash raises cash for deputies wounded in gun battle at Rastafarian pot farm
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4th Wave Meninism

Baron von Stormhaven and Jim Jesus have a few Firestone Walkers and White Castle tempera. Talking about 4th Wave Meninism, the problems with Jordan Peterson, how Sovrn Tech is a garbage podcast (listen here,) and how The Emoji Movie is the film adaptation of The Ego and Its Own.

Sign this very important petition to get Bryan Sovryn to review The Emoji Movie.
Sovryn Tech:
4th Wave Meninism:
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