Hey Man, Nice Shot!

Happy Podcast Day! Jim Jesus and him alone deviates from the standard format to bring you a more serious solo episode instead of a funny conversation about JFK conspiracies. He offers 53 pieces of evidence that proves Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy and acted alone then very briefly covers some of the major conspiracies surrounding it. If I’d have known I would be doing this I would have been more prepared like I was for the discussion about the Trump/Clinton debate with Mott. Oh well.

Links mentioned:
Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi 
The London Mock Trial Video Series
CNN’s 60’s Series Episode on the JFK Assassination 
How the bullet would make the hear jerk toward the shot. 

Yaks out for BipCoin-Bae

Nick Hazelton from the de-facto defunct Anarcho-Yakitalism podcast and Jim Jesus talk about yak farming, Pateron, Monero, podfading, yak jerky, NAPping, and voting.

Also Paul Gordon’s show Disassociation Nation with Nick and how THEY WERE WRONG!

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14332920_10207081184900026_6393483995100182443_nAlso I found a way to make YouTube versions faster so that’s a thing again. I will make you wait 24 hours for it though.