It’s Not Our Revolution if We Can’t Exclude Extremists Utilizing Property Rights in Accordance with the Principles of Free Association So To Speak.

Song: Adam Rainstopper – It’s Not Our Revolution if We Can’t Dance

MK Lords and Jim Jesus talk about Nazis, Jeffrey Tucker, ethno-nationalism, racism, feminism, libertarian drama… you know; the usual.

Patreon Only extended version we talk more in-depth and Jim comes clean about how evil he is when it comes to dating.

Dear Angry People

Steve Miller-Miller and Jim Jesus talk on way too many subjects to list here. From Dear White People, to Amish Raspberry Pis, to YouTube stardom, Truther Elvis and Truther Dolly Parton, to having a hard time remembering all the terrible things people in liberty do.

Still working out the bug in recording via Raspi. Going back to Discord next episode. Sorry for the clicks.

Interdimensional Portals via Colloidal Silver Enemas

David from Zombies Governments and You Podcast joins Jim Jesus as a guest co-host. They talk about how Trump is forcing the left to eat themselves from Antifa to pussy hats. They also talk about zombies and podcasts that are actually good. Also Alex Jones crossfading on Joe Rogan WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?

Though he did mention he would, Jim didn’t mention how Raspbian PIXEL made this show possible because beer. They did talk about it in depth on the Patreon only after show.