Libertarians Voting for Democrats

Jeremy Henggeler (Am I saying that right?) and Jim Jesus lacked sleep for this episode but we still talked about stuff. Ben Stone’s awesome project Freedom B&B, how libertarians got hoodwinked by electing a Democrat and voting still sucks, YouTube demonetization and the fallout, The Mandela Effect, and why you shouldn’t rest your income in just one platform.

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My Little Yak Farm

Opening dialog from Gary Vaynerchuck.

On episode 37 (in a row?!) of The Lolberts; Nick the Anarcho-Yakitalist and Jim Jesus the anarcho-contrarian talk about yak farming, marketing,┬áhis new podcast “Yakkin with Nick,” people being holier than thou about entertainment, how 80’s cartoons were just huge toy ads, and do movie spoilers violate the nap?

When Fascism Comes to America, It Will Come in 18 Packs and Say “America” on the Can

James Babb and Jim Jesus talk about the fascist infiltration of libertarian events and libertarians giving up their principles by drinking Budweiser; but I repeat myself. Talk a little bit about the alt-right and how Victor Pross (anarchist artist) is allegedly a fraud. Allegedly.