The TRUTH About Adam Kokesh: Liberty’s Tide Pod

David Lukeheart of Zombies Government & You Podcast, Jeremy Hind-legger of Seeds of Liberty and Abolitionist Abstractions Podcasts, and Jim Jesus drop the dime for a whole show on the Libertarian Welfare Queen Adam Kokesh. From his early days of fake activism for pay, his unwillingness to pay money he owes his employees, defrauding associates, the toxic way he treats friends and women in his life, to his latest fraud where he got himself arrested for possession in Texas and squandering bail money. Also the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here’s my Patron episodes I put out for free regarding Kokesh’s latest scam.

Zombies, Governments, & You Podcast
Seeds of Liberty and Abolitionist Abstractions Podcasts
Libertarian Welfare Queens
Kokesh Faking a Cannabis Protest
Adam Refuses to pay Derrick J for services rendered
Kokesh Rips-off and Slandered Shield Mutual
Adam’s ex describes the abusive relationship she had with Adam
Adam’s Arrest Livestream:
Kokesh anounces he’s squandering donated bail funds. 
Kokesh’s dad is also scammer.
Jim’s Patreon Episode about Kokesh Part 1
Jim’s Patreon Episode about Kokesh Part 2
Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons
NOT The Lolberts:
YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts.
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