On Contrarianism: A Solo Episode

The plan was for Jim Jesus to do a solo episode for episode 75 refuting some kind of nonsense that some libertarians get sucked into. However, I had the opportunity to have a very unique guest. People like it, but some people were upset that I wasn’t alone. People want to hear me alone?! OK, so be it. I’m going to do what I’ve been meaning to do on my YouTube channel for a while now but stepped back from YouTube before I could. I wanted to talk about contrarianism, my take on it, and things that people accuse me of being a libertarian contrarian. It’s important to realize that some of these position I can’t stray too far from and still be a libertarian. A lot of them are nuanced, some aren’t. Topics from The Non-Aggression Principle, Argumentation Ethics, the Austrian school of economics, epicureanism (hedonism,) the word “capitalism,” segregation, progressive rock idolatry,  MRA/Feminism, and a topic so divisive I dare not put it in the show notes.

Now, I really am planning a new podcast series where I do interviews that will be included in this feed and I think that these points of contentions could spur some interesting conversations. If you do hear this and you are a content creator yourself who has at least decent audio, drop me a line and I might have a chat with you on the new show.



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