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Beer is Good (The Drunken Episode)

What do you get when you add good beer, mediocre beer, Jim Jesus, and Baron Von Stormhaven then subtract the pseudo-comrex? This beautiful mess.

This podcast is good when it happens: http://zombiegovpodcast.com/

The Force is Litteraly Reverse Hitler #JediLivesMatter


Matt Pritchard and Jim Jesus talk about how good the Star Wars movies were, how good the new Star Wars will be and how much the last new Star Wars sucked. It didn’t suck nearly as hard as the white nationalist response to the new trailer saying it’s “white genocide.” Jim gets convinced he was wrong about Sanders being a harmless, lame duck president. We go over what sucks about Bernie Sanders’ platform and answer a question from the mailbag. Oh yea, Jim Webb isn’t running for president right now. This is John Galt Speaking.


We could totally use a beer after reading Bernie’s crap:


Jim Jesus

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