The Lolbergs – Oi Oi Oy, Vey!

Shalom, goyem! (((Sol Seamus))) and (((Jim Jabez))) lay it down after Passover about how we were outted at crypto-jews, the LP in the election now that our goy-boy-toy Trump got the nomination, Trigglypuff, the best flavor of matzo, white goy privliage, wage gap, and how you should go into debt at art school. *rubs hands*

We have 3 new Lolberts co-hosts:
MK Lords
Jim Babb
Brandon von Stormhaven

Expect more frequent Lolberts episodes.

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Seamus Coughlin of Freedom Toons and Jim “White Male” Jesus catch up on the RSS Boaty McBoatface the science ship, Jim gets rekt in a debate about emojis oppressing women, LRN studio raids and PorcFest boycotts, taxation is theft but ‘taxation is theft’ memes are shwag memes, and the miracle that is the BipStrong (WTF IS IT?!) Also… um.. other stuff. Sorry, Jim’s doped up on narcos because dentist. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE

12″ glow-in-the-dark BipCot slipmats available 3/25/2016

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Poop Swastikas


Seamus Coughlin of Freedom Toons and Jim Jesus talk about the drama at Mizzou, #BlackLivesMatter but #StudyTimeDoesntMatter, flavors of feminism, and how it all leads to the Alt-Right. Cantwell’s turning to the dark side of the political force. Molyneux and Jeffrey Tucker argue about McDonalds vs. Carl’s Jr.. Apple is garbage and Raspberry Pi is not. #PleaseDonatePiZeros if not just use Jim’s bad ass new Patreon. We also find out Seamus hates Star Wars because it doesn’t spend 3 hours boring you with diplomatic negotiations with the alt-right of space (a.k.a. Klingons.)

Song: Adam Rainstopper – Nasty Little Trolls

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Also Jim Jesus’s unfinished book in AudioBook format is at the end of the podcast (this is excluded from the YouTube version of the show)

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Having a laugh while the world burns.